mardi 22 juin 2010

NES coffee table Deluxe - Table basse NES Deluxe

A few weeks ago, I got my cousin on the phone. He told me that he'd just seen a NES coffee table on YouTube, and that he was able to do the same ; he asked me if I wanted one. Of course, I said yes ! But being an extreme geek, I asked him if it was possible to go further than that first guy. Meaning, reproducing EVERY SINGLE detail of the NES paddle, exactly 10 times bigger - including cable, working buttons, textures, etc, etc. In a word, a Deluxe edition.
He said "Hell yeah, piece of cake for me, I have all the tools you can dream of for that". So I tried to go even further yet, by asking if the ULTIMATE geekwork was possible: adding the NES itself inside the giant paddle.
He said: "Yeah dude !" And here we are with our Extreme NES mod Coffee Table Deluxe Edition.

Il y a de ça quelques semaines, mon cousin me passe un coup de fil. Il me dit qu'il a vu la vidéo du gars qui a fait une table basse en forme de manette NES géante, qu'il est tout à fait capable de faire la même chose et de surcroit, me demande carrément si j'en veux une. Franchement, certaines questions ne se posent pas. Mais comme je suis un geek plutôt extrême, je lui demande s'il y a moyen d'aller un peu plus loin que ce que l'autre gars a fait. Ce qui signifie: reproduire les MOINDRES DETAILS de la manette, en très exactement 10 fois plus grand, incluant le câble, les textures, les moulures, les boutons qui fonctionnent, etc etc. En un mot, une édition Deluxe.
Il me répond: "ouais, pas de soucis, j'ai tous les outils dont tu peux rêver pour ça !".
Alors je lui ai suggéré d'aller encore plus loin: Inclure la NES elle-même à l'intérieur de la manette géante.Et il me répond "pas de soucis cousin !". Ainsi naquis le projet Extreme NES mod Coffee Table Deluxe Edition.

2 commentaires:

  1. Hey, I'm the guy who made the original NES coffee table. Good luck with yours.
    I'll be interested to see how you improve the design.
    Are you gonna run the TV cables out the controller cable or something? That could look pretty rad.

    One thing I've got to say though; I think you might find using microswitches might not work well unless you extend the levers on them so they have a much longer press distance (otherwise the buttons might feel too uncushioned, especially the Dpad).
    That's why I used the springy brass strips, because they give the buttons a bit of cushioning even after they make contact.

  2. Hey Kyles ! Great honnour to see you here !
    Yes we are going to put the TV cable and the power supply out of the big back cable :)

    About the microswitch: the pressur distance is 2cm, but your idea is quiet good, im going to tell it to the electric guy of our team :-)

    I hope we will give a good dedicace to what you initialised !